Vauxhall Combo Life L2 UpFront

If you want to drive independently or travel as a passenger on the front row, Volta Mobility has the perfect solution for you, the Vauxhall Combo Life L2 UpFront.
UpFront conversions can be carried out on vehicle models with length of 4,75m and wheelbase of 2,97m. Conversions can be made to both petrol and diesel models.
By lowering the vehicle floor, we have created more interior space whilst still maintaining a smooth drive quality. Thanks to the adapted lowered floor, most wheelchairs can access the front of the vehicle with ease. In our UpFront conversions there is even space for two wheelchairs side by side.
The original front seats are removed and mounted on to a frame with transport wheels. If a user wants to drive the vehicle with the original seats again, they can be replaced and secured with ease.
For information and advice on suitable vehicle adaptations, please don’t hesitate to contact us or your local approved Volta Mobility dealer.

Standard conversion

  • Spacious lowered floor which extends to the front of the vehicle
  • Easy removable front seats on transportable wheels
  • New fuel tank of 11 gallons installed (51,5 litre)
  • New AdBlue tank installed if the vehicle is diesel
  • Adapted exhaust system
  • Double folding lightweight ramp allowing full view through the back window
  • LED lights installed at ramp entrance for better visibility
  • New rear springs fitted to improve driving experience
  • Centre part of the rear bumper is replaced on hatch to maintain original design
  • Lowered floor fully covered with matching upholstery and stainless steel side plating in front
  • OEM hand brake replaced with electric parking brake

Seating positions

Optional extras

  • 2 TriflexAIR foldable swivel seats on the second and/or third row
  • Automatic hatch and ramp with remote control
  • Wheelchair restraint; docking station and 4-point restraint
  • NIVO system that lowers the rear suspension
  • Original parking sensors remain functional after conversion
  • Various adaptations available


Tested for safety

  • Tested according to the requirements of all applicable EU and ECE regulations

Get in touch

If you have any questions or would like to book a free demonstration, please contact us.