Wheelchair accessible vehicles

Solutions available for individual needs

Wheelchair accessible vehicles

Specialists in vehicle adaptations

Wheelchair accessible vehicles

Freedom to travel

Market leading partnership

Elap and Tripod, both specialist leaders in the accessibility market, interfused to create Volta Mobility. Together, they combine knowledge and experience of almost 90 years.


We aspire to have a driving solution available for everyone. We are continuously designing and developing innovative products with outstanding, industry-leading quality.

Excellent service

We are committed to providing a quality experience. We support our customers every step of the way, from demonstration, through to aftercare and service.

What makes us great

  • 40 + 46 years of experience
  • Developed, converted and serviced in-house
  • High standard of quality products
  • Designed with your safety and comfort in mind
  • Committed to enhance your mobility and independence 

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