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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles are now also available in electric powered models. The L3-SF size models (5,309m) is perfect for families or public transport. Volta Mobility have worked hard to ensure this vehicles conversions are user-friendly, safe and comfortable.

By lowering the vehicle floor, we have created more interior space whilst still maintaining a smooth drive quality.  Thanks to the adapted lowered floor, most wheelchairs can easily access the rear of the vehicle.

The rear Taxi Ramp folds flat into the vehicle to allow for conventional use of the boot and an unobstructed rear view. LED lights have been installed at the ramp entrance to allow for better visibility.

There are various options in terms of seating positions. The bench in the second row can be replaced after conversion. The bench on the third row can be replaced by TriflexAIR seats which are one of the most comfortable, safe and compact foldable swivel seats available.

Make an appointment and discuss all options with your conversion specialist.


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