EasyPull – winch and restraint system

The EasyPull is designed to pull and secure an occupied wheelchair into a vehicle. This winch and restraint system eliminates the difficulty of pushing a wheelchair up a vehicle ramp and securing it in place.



The EasyPull consists of a winch and a front restraint system which has been tested and approved according to the ISO 10542 requirements. The indication buzzer makes a sound when the belts are locked and the wheelchair is in the correct position. The quick release tongue and buckle, which connect the wheelchair to the EasyPull, can always be released, even when there is no power to the vehicle.



Due to the compact design, the EasyPull can be installed to all wheelchair accessible vehicles. The EasyPull has belts of 4 metres long which are automatically aligned in a straight line. Adjustable end-stops are attached to the front of the belts to ensure the wheelchair is in optimum position when inside the vehicle. The EasyPull has a powerful motor which can pull up to 200kg. The EasyPull is very user friendly and comes with a wireless remote control.


  • Tested according to ISO 10542
  • Compact design
  • Adjustable end-stops
  • Wireless remote control
  • ‘Locked’ indication buzzer

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